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La Noche Final marks the end of their journey and the opportunity to shine on stage in front of an audience filled with family, friends, members of the community, and special guests. This is their opportunity to showcase all they have learned and who they have become. Though the final night is structured much like a pageant, we emphasize that this is in no way a beauty contest. It is simply a celebration where each of these young girls are made to feel special and feel proud of what they have accomplished and how far they have come.


Throughout the program our participants earn points based on participation, attendance, punctuality, assignments and academics. A winner is then chosen based upon previously accumulated points and points earned that evening by a carefully selected panel of judges.

The newly crowned Miss Puerto Rico Image will then continue on to represent the Julia De Burgos Cultural Arts Center for the next year by serving as a community advocate and demonstrating what it means to be a role model among her peers.  Not only will she gain valuable knowledge throughout the year but she will also be rewarded with many educational, cultural, and life changing opportunities.